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Pacesetter Systems Manufactures the Worlds Strongest Quick Die Change Systems and Air Die Lifters

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Get A Grip - GorillaGrip that is - Float the dies into the press on AirGlide die lifters then lock them in location with the worlds strongest clamps...    The GorillaGrip System

GorillaGrip and AirGlide-- IMAGINE THE BENEFITS !


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Gorilla Grip adjustable or fixed height hydraulic clamps are hydraulically assisted, allowing you to lock the load down tight. Once locked down, they will continue to grip with maximum force, even if the hydraulic system is disconnected.


Gorilla Grip adjustable mechanical clamps accommodate a wide range of ledge flange thickness, allowing quick and easy clamping where hydraulic clamps are not preferable or available.

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Mechanical Adjustable Clamp
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All Pacesetter Systems products are backed by our industry leading 4 year warranty.

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We stock the highest quality products for immediate delivery.

Made in USA

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